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Indus Child Labour

Earlier run under INDUS project (India & United States) administrated under Dist. Collector and Magistrate, founded by ILO (International Labour Organization). We are among the Top 10 NGO Selected by official of Govt. of India, Govt. of Maharashtra, with divisional commissioner, Dist. Collector member of ILO and others.

As there are very less school who provide qualitative & quantitative education to the poor children which is a big problem now a days in our society & due to lack of education children are getting in touch for doing work as child labour & specially girls are getting married at an very early age which itself is a national level issue today.

Free Education For Child Labor

As child labor problem is increasing day by day instead of declining & complete abolition or eliminating this issue, as Govt. could not take the initiative as it should be & should pay more attention & emphasis has to be taken but necessary steps are not been taken properly . We as an NGO think that there is only way to 100% & completely abolish child labour & that is to adopt them & give them admissions in residential school where they can learn & get all sort of education up till the age of 18 & then they can really lead a good citizen life & can be good human being.

Beneficiary Outreach

Through our schools we are always in touch with childrens coming from different backgrounds, so we have good knowledge of targating the real needy and poor family background children apart from this our volunteers do a survey in slum areas and we target the figure for approach the true needy. Presently we are targeting 100 boys & 100 girls child labors and accordingly will increase minimum 50 boys & 50 girls every year. The beneficiary will be 100% child labors & their parents.

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